Our Design

We have been iterating over the past 18 months in order to understand how Holus can be designed in the most successful way possible. In the past, holographic experiences were bulky, expensive and not energy efficient.

We wanted to design Holus in a way that would achieve safety, cost-effectiveness, light weight, energy efficiency and a clean, minimal design so that the user could see and engage with others around Holus. We also recognized two key challenges that we face with current display technologies: isolation and stagnation of human movement.

We asked ourselves critical questions such as, “how can we create a truly immersive experience that involves at it's core: movement? How can we use Holus to facilitate human connection and form meaningful relationships?"

We wanted to ensure that our design process was focused on user experience. After years of R & D we believe we have finally achieved this with Holus.

Holus Features

Holographic Projection

Motion Tracking

Software Development Kit

Middleware Support

USB Charging Port

Wireless Connection